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'Through the Letterbox' - Occupy The Cass

This photo series documents the Central House occupation of December 2015. Students took over the Bank Gallery of Central House to protest the sale of the building and cuts to the arts. 


I documented life in the occupation and our only means of contact with the outside world; the letterbox. Here we received essential food, water, supplies, support and solidarity from our friends, family, tutors and strangers.


The occupation lasted 8 days, in which time our outreach hit tens of thousands all over the world. We had visitors from all over the country including Jeremy Deller, Sam West and art installations from Peter Liversidge. The occupation was covered by many different media platforms from the BBC, The Independent and The Standard to interviews through the letterbox with London Live. 


Unfortunately, this peaceful protest was not enough to stop the sale of the building, and Central House was sold the following year. 

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